The Adventures of Crypto: 20 Crypto Jokes

Well, this was a rollercoaster. Everybody alright out there? Bitcoin went up and beyond USD 11,000, then USD 12,000, USD 13,000, and got so near USD 14,000, we thought it’d touch it. And then Bitcoin showed us once again how volatile it can be. And on top of everything, the community saw another exchange hack.

Let’s see what else happened this week. Two of South Korea’s biggest IT companies might be at least six months ahead of Facebook, but speaking of Facebook, American lawmakers are getting ready for a thorough grilling of the social media giant over Libra. The project may also serve as a spark Japan needed for a G20 crypto debate, and while Libra claims to have seen tons of interest, several of the project’s partners seem to be cautious. Meanwhile, Russian Parliament is at a ‘crypto crossroads’, but Moscow might legalize cryptocurrency trading, though not paying in crypto. Also, Huobi is expanding to Turkey, Bitfinex has new crypto derivative products for adrenaline fans, we’ve seen more examples of the ongoing adoption with Opera’s wallet for iOS and PwC including cryptocurrency auditing in its services, and Animoca Brands chairman Yat Siu bets big on blockchain. Moreover, competition for Ripple is increasing, another giant sector might jump on the tokenization trend, while Goldman Sachs already explores it.

Now that you’ve been briefed – you came for the jokes, and we shall not disappoint. Enjoy!



When crypto twitter turns into “I’m a climate change, dietary, family relations and political expert” twitter

— Rob "Crypto Bobby" Paone (@crypto_bobby) June 17, 2019


What more does a bear need during a crypto spring?

$BTC bears and their remaining belongings after shorting bitcoin for the last 3 months.

— Mayne (@Tradermayne) June 17, 2019


Watch the latest reports by Block TV.

So true.


Speaking of expert opinions.

Bitcoin will be between $1-$100M by 2020.

The math behind our calculation:

— Libra Parody (@LibraReserve) June 24, 2019


Don’t let go– Oh, you <*$/#%!

$BTC dominance

— HASHR8 (@h4shr8) June 25, 2019


Big Zuck is watching your future libras.

For Libra fans:
– this meme kills the whole thing


— Crypto Tyrion🦁 – "Hands of Steel" (@Cryptotyrion) June 27, 2019


Here you go.

RT BlockchainTalkz "RT JeanneDeBit: Just recycling some BlockchainTalkz #cryptomeme

How much proof is proof-sound?"

— Bitcoin Embassy NL (@bitcoinembassya) June 19, 2019



I need sleep could we hold it here at 13k for 8 hours? Plz!? from r/Bitcoin


That looks painful.

— YORK780 (@YORK780) June 25, 2019


…Still hurts.


This too shall pass.


So young… So much potential…

Just checked my altcoin holdings

— ₿lackbeard (@crypto_blkbeard) June 26, 2019


A mess you don’t want to get involved in.


So close… -_-

Trying to catch the bottom of alts

— icebergy ❄️ (@icebergy_) June 25, 2019


Grow, my satoshis.

Hodling is an art. A gratitude for what you have in this world, and a humble push forward each and every day to better yourself. Done properly, it is a state of zen.

— Michael Goldstein (@bitstein) June 24, 2019


I! Will NOT!


Relativity and contexts.


— ⛏Crypto Christopher Walken🥃 (@cryptochrisw) June 25, 2019


The answer to friends’, family’s, colleagues’, pets’, and neighbours’ question: "yea, but how much will Bitcoin be worth in, like, a decade" is:


One for 3:30 am on Saturday while in a pub.

When moon?

— lil bubble 📉 (@TheCryptoBubble) June 24, 2019


One for 3:30 pm on Sunday when you wake up.


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